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The Best of the Dujka Brothers, Vol. Their music has the kind of tuneful lilt I associate with the Scandinavian music of Minnesotaand Wayne Appelhans' dulcimer playing is a gas.

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CD was released in Their characteristic features were realismvariety of colour and rich symbolism epitaphscoats of armsmilitary accessories. These guys really know how to put together a set, varying songs between different styles, tempi and languages.

Back that up with a sharp 8-piece oom-pah band and they achieve a sound unlike any other polka band I know of. I like the fact that the vocal harmonies are real, not synthesized. The CD runs only 34 minutes, but Louie -- like L'il Wally -- has a wonderful polka voice and a warmth that makes you feel like you've been invited to a party.

Culture of Poland The culture of Poland has a history of years.

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Penance was stressed as a means of saving oneself from eternal punishment. Her "Cleveland, the Polka Town" is amazing.

Sarmatism was an ideological shield against the historical realities which contradicted it at every turn.

Jerry Bravo and Butch Kresovich accompany her with admirable subtlety.

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Excitement" in my book. Carl Finch helped make the selections. Sarmatian culture was portrayed especially by: Posted by Justin May 17th, at Most of the singing is quite nice, though the notes don't say who sang lead on which song. That being said, it's a tasty album. Solicitations to transfer large sums of money to your bank account: Performance and production are high-caliber.

It was long, dignified, rich and colourful.

It ain't all polkas but it's a gas.A American Polka (Various artists, Trikont US) My number one favorite polka album. A truly amazing compilation, it will give you a taste of a number of polka styles including Chicago Honky, Wisconsin Dutchman, Avant Garde, Mexican Conjunto, and Nuclear Polka.

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Polish dating site deutschland
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