Keep dating other girls

We were ready to shift up a gear to sex with paraplegic girls. He was more than okay with my spinal cord injury. Just then, he asked me how I came to be in a wheelchair. He lay on top of me with his hands around my face.

Shifted my butt to the bed and pulled my legs up behind me. I tugged his belt off unfastened the front of his bulging pants and pulled him hard against my naked breasts. He took a minute to study the difference in my feet.

My ample breasts are my best feature so I like to show them off a little with a tight blouse. With the pantyhose, I have to lay back on the bed and kind of lift my bottom as I pull the hose to my waist. From there they go down to my ankles where I can attach any number of shoes I like to wear.

Feeling them rub against each other under your skirt, or what pantyhose felt like over your feet. I had already decided that I wanted to put on a good show for Jeff. His strong warm hand paused when he softy touched the skin of my silky smooth thigh making me gasp.

Not so much because I ran into him, but when I did, my right foot actually came off the footrest, knocking my shoe off. They like to see how a handicapped girl moves her legs with her hands getting out of a car, and things like that.

Since the one footrest is a little higher for my shorter leg, and I was now wearing my braces with the built up shoe on that foot, my right leg sits up higher than my left.

Dating Paraplegic Girls

Then I went to the bedroom for my crutches and returned to Jeff swinging my legs a little slower than usual, and dragging that left leg a little more than usual. Thinking it might turn him on to see me try I wanted to see if I could.

Jeff took my crutches without my asking and I pulled my legs into the car. I realized he was attracted not only to me but my disability as well.

The strap under my knee gets tightened first, then above my knee, then my thigh strap. I hooked my toes with the shoe and pulled it onto the heel of my foot.

Wonder what it would feel like to have your legs wrapped in pantyhose. Once in the bed, knees still unlocked, I pull each leg up so I can reach my foot, still naked in its nylon. Oh well, just another guy not interested in dating paraplegic girls I thought. Sometimes, when I know I have an audience, I put on a little show.

That was exactly what I needed to hear. This almost made up the difference to the floor. I pulled my right leg to my chest and took off the smaller pump revealing my foot in only the pantyhose.

He pulled away just long enough to take my other brace from my leg. After crutching around a bit I went back to the bed and pulled myself bottom first onto it. I could see to just under the thigh strap of my brace, perfect I grinned.

Now most everyone has seen my legs of course, but I realized at that moment no one at work has ever seen my bare feet.

I could feel his eyes burning on me as I descended the ramp off my front porch and to his car where he held the door open. My disability was a turn-off. Still sitting up with my lifeless paralyzed legs out in front of me, I pulled one leg up to my chest.

Being in a wheelchair we are a bit more vulnerable. I watched him slowly ease my pumps off revealing my left foot then my smaller right foot. Paraplegic lovers embrace When we got home, I invited him in and got out of the car where he was waiting with my crutches.This is the story of how I met Jeff and our first date together.

Dating paraplegic girls isn’t for everyone. Jeff doesn’t seem to mind dating paraplegic girls or that I’m handicapped. Don't Bring Home a White Boy: And Other Notions that Keep Black Women From Dating Out [Karyn Langhorne Folan, Karen Hunter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

In Don’t Bring Home a White Boy, writer Karyn Langhorne Folan debunks the myths about interracial relationships. Drawing on real-life testimonials.

Keep dating other girls
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